Sunday, July 30, 2006

Artists love Art on the Rocks

Karin Coron of downstate Ypsilanti will be showing her landscapes in oil pastels at Art on the Rocks this weekend. The show runs from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. today and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday. (Journal photo by Stephen Stacy)

By STEPHEN STACY, Journal Staff Writer

MARQUETTE — An array of artists from across the country are in Marquette this weekend for the Lake Superior Art Association’s 48th annual Art on the Rocks show.

“We’ve got over 70 new artists this year,” said Mary Earle, co-chairwoman of the annual art fair. “It’s nice because we get to see art that we might not normally see here.”

April Bates of St. Petersburg, Fla., makes wearable art out of recycled materials such as shirts, jackets and jeans that she purchases from thrift stores. “I like to play with stuff that doesn’t seem to change what is already there, “Bates said of the inspiration for her art.

She said that she loves to travel and show her art because she gets to meet so many new people.

Husband and wife artists Steven and Karin Coron of downstate Ypsilanti both have booths set up to showcase their art at this year’s show. Steven’s art focuses on Lake Superior while Karin paints landscapes in oil pastels.

“This is our passion and it’s what we like to do,” said Steven, who teaches high school photography. Being a teacher, I want to keep my hand in the craft because it makes it easier to teach.”

Karin said she will have shown her art at nine shows this summer by the time she’s able to take a break in August.

“You don’t get in to these shows automatically,” Karin said. “When I get done in August, I have to get my booth ready for next year and start applying for next year’s shows.”

Steven, who is originally from the area, said the trip doubles as both an art showing and family reunion as most of his family is still living here.

“This a big tradition for the area,” Earle said. “We’ve got so many new artists, it’s like a new show every year.”


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